Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Science is about asking the Right Questions

... And then investigating, questioning and debating possible answers
This web site asks about the origins of human intelligence and explores a possible solution that many will find counter-intuitive. It starts from the assumption that the human brain is genetically little more than a rather large animal brain. The difference is that humans developed a tool (which we call language) which allowed us to efficiently copy tool-making and other skills from one individual to another, and our "superior" intelligence compared with other animals is almost entirely due to the extensive body of cultural information which language makes possible. Some of the deficiencies of the human mind - such as the small size of the working memory, an unreliable long term memory, and the problem of confirmation bias are a direct result of our animal brain lurking underneath an outer coating of cultural learning.

Well, it's an interesting idea - but am I right? As a scientist I welcome critical comments and questions which challenge my theory, and also information on other research that supports the idea or suggests other exciting avenues to explore. Your comments below, or under a relevant blog posts, will help me to either strengthen the theory - or perhaps blow my theory out of the water.


If you are asking me "How does your evolutionary model cope with the research on a particular line of research?" please include a link to a source describing the research which is not behind a pay wall. 

In each case I will post a "Q&A" reply post attempting to give an answer (or to admit defeat!!!).

To see the questions I have answered search for
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