Sunday, 8 July 2018

Blog under Construction

In recent years I have been running the blog "Trapped by the Box" which dealt with issues relating to the ways in which our actions are constrained by the world in which we live - and in particular by the way computers limit what we do and the way we see the world. As lighter relief I have included some photographs as "Trapped by the Camera" and also included a number of limericks on science-based topics. I plan to continue the blog, and these topics as before.
The "Trapped by the Box" blog is continuing
However the blog also contained much information and discussion about the research project "CODIL" and the possible relevance to evolution and how the brain works. Discussing the problem on that blog helped me to reach a point when I can come up with a clear model and as a result I have decided that all future blog posts relating to the evolution of human intelligence, and the earlier research on CODIL will appear one this blog. 
Over the next week or two some introductory material will be added, together with selected updated material from the "Trapped" blog. However you comments are still welcome during the construction phase.

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